Product Summary

The MBRF20100CT is a switchmode schottky power rectifirer. The switchmode power rectifier MBRF20100CT employs the Schottky Barrier principle in a large area metal–to–silicon power diode. State–of–the–art geometry of the MBRF20100CT features epitaxial construction with oxide passivation and metal overlay contact. Ideally suited for use as rectifiers in very low–voltage, high–frequency switching power supplies, free wheeling diodes and polarity protection diodes.


MBRF20100CT absolute maximum ratings: (1)Maximum Thermal Resistance-Junction to Case RqJC: 3.5 ℃/W; (2)Lead Temperature for Soldering Purposes: 1/8, from Case for 5 Seconds TL: 260 ℃; (3)Average Rectified Forward Current TC = 133℃ IF(AV): 10Amps; (4)Peak Repetitive Forward Current(Rated VR, Square Wave, 20kHz), TC = 133℃. IFRM: 20 Amps; (5)Non–repetitive Peak Surge Current(Surge applied at rated load conditions halfwave, single phase, 60 Hz) IFSM: 150 Amps; (6)Peak Repetitive Reverse Surge Current (2.0 ms, 1.0 kHz) IRRM: 0.5 Amp; (7)Operating Junction and Storage Temperature TJ, Tstg: – 65 to +150 ℃; (8)Voltage Rate of Change (Rated VR) dv/dt: 10000 V/ms.


MBRF20100CT features: (1)Highly Stable Oxide Passivated Junction; (2)Very Low Forward Voltage Drop; (3)Matched Dual Die Construction; (4)High Junction Temperature Capability; (5)High dv/dt Capability; (6)Excellent Ability to Withstand Reverse Avalanche Energy Transients; (7)Guardring for Stress Protection; (8)Epoxy Meets UL94, VO at 1/8,; (9)Electrically Isolated. No Isolation Hardware Required; (10)UL Recognized File #E69369.


MBRF20100CT package dimensions

Image Part No Mfg Description Data Sheet Download Pricing

Taiwan Semiconductor

Schottky (Diodes & Rectifiers) 20 Amp 100 Volt Dual

Data Sheet

0-2000: $0.48
2000-4000: $0.42
4000-6000: $0.38


Schottky (Diodes & Rectifiers) 20 Amp 100 Volt Dual 120 Amp IFSM

Data Sheet

0-500: $0.63
500-1000: $0.56
1000-2000: $0.54
2000-5000: $0.53

ON Semiconductor

Schottky (Diodes & Rectifiers) 20A 100V

Data Sheet

0-1: $0.68
1-25: $0.54
25-100: $0.42
100-500: $0.37